Tuesday, 28 August 2012

2012's most Stylish Music Videos So Far...


Here is a round up of the top 5 most stylish music videos 2012 has brought us so far, featuring trippy scenes from hallucinogenic inducing hippie lollypops to Hitchcock inspired monochrome madness. 

No.5 ‘National Anthem’- Lana Del Rey
I begrudgingly had to include this on the list, for, as much as I despise the manufactured sultry trout pout that is Lana (harsh I know but seriously, watch the clip of her on SNL; I think I may have hastily crawled away behind my sofa in a bizarre fit of utter embarrassment), I am in complete awe at the team behind devising this majestic beast of a chart topping machine. Director Anthony Mandler’s take on the Kennedy Legacy is one of absolute genius.

No.4 ‘Female Robbery’- The Neighbourhood
Up and coming Californian band ‘The Neighbourhood’ strike gold again with their second music video; Hitchcock inspired ‘Female Robbery’. The sweeping monochrome shots depicting a young girl trapped between domestic violence are what make this video a dark, desolate, captivating visual phenomenon.

No.3 ‘Fjögur píanó’- Sigur Rós

Since viewing this video back July I have newfound respect for Shia LaBeouf’s acting. His incredible portrayal of a messed up, heartbroken drug addict is truly inspirational. One thing is for certain in this confusingly bizarre, trippy yet touching, acid trip of a music video, is that it will stay with you forever.



No.2 ‘Bad Girls’- M.I.A

Controversial car surfing in Saudi Arabia with questionable gold-chained gangsta' ensembles and the odd slow motion Arabian horse rider. What could be better? Seriously. What.


No.1 ‘Lost in the World’- Kanye West ft Bon Iver

Ok so this is better... but in a different way.

Leading fashion filmmaker Ruth Hogben delivers a slick, spectacular music video masterpiece breaking the mould of the typical rap video formula. Gone are the lingerie clad gyrating girls fawning over the latest rap sensation, replaced instead with (still sexy) women suffering from some sort of psychotic breakdown depicted through interpretive dance.  Minimalistic and fast-paced, it creates stunning and exceedingly stylish music video worlds ahead of the rest.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Swept Away...

I'm back. Ready to party into summer that's finally graced London's dreary landscape. Recently graduated from Chelsea College of Art, I'm ready to play. Venturing to Palma Mallorca with some of my best friends on Tuesday I've been scouring the web for some last minute fashion inspirations and turned to the faithful combination of a Josh Olins summer shoot for Vogue..

SWEPT AWAY- Josh Olins for Vogue Japan April 2012