Wednesday, 16 June 2010

RARE press preview a/w 10

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited along with the likes of Elle, MTV and Company magazine to Rare's press preview. I headed along to Soho House with my lovely friend Catherine to check out their new a/w 10 range.

I was greeted by a gorgeous collection of clothes and, to my delight, mojitos. Best mojitos EVER by the way. As I sipped my drink I strolled around the new collection, checking out luscious array of new dresses. They have also launched their own footwear range. My favourite had to be the petrol blue military boots. The subtle angular structure of the heel mixed with the smooth silky finish was stunning.

Although the dresses weren't to my particular taste, I loved the mix of frills and sequins.
My favourite garment had to be the gold sequined body suit, reminded me of something akin to a superhero... a stylish superhero.

To finish the night off I was given an amazing gift bag, complete with one of their dresses, myface make-up and pieces from accessorize!

Mojitos, gifts and new clothes, definitely the successful combination for a great night.


  1. Wow, must have been amazing getting to go there. Looks like they have some really pretty stuff.

    Lydia xxx

  2. I am dying for those shoes, and the sequin leotard. You're so lucky.