Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Yes it's finally here, and prompted my return from my long absence from the fashion blogging scene. Caught up in a whirlwind of second year fine art shows and essays I got, shall we say, undeniably unforgivably distracted. But I'm back lured by constant buzz of London Fashion Week drifting in through my window.

Kicking off with Louise Gray's A/W collection....

I had to start with this mesmerizing hurricane of pop addiction. This haphazard array of colour and clothing really shouldn't work. But for some unknown, unquantifiable reason, it does. This hypnotic blend of colour and pattern transfix as the models storm down the runway. On top of it all, slipped in there is also a bit of bondage. Playful headpieces given an edge with bondage like straps attached to their bodies in the most unusual fashion.

Headpieces appear to be causing quite the stir this season with Sass and Bide also sporting eye catching pieces. Their cylindrical headpieces giving the models an aura of Eygptian queen-like elegance.

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