Monday, 9 May 2011

Hazy afternoons..

Here we are crawling closer to the hazy blissful afternoons of summer. One week to go then I'll be free of uni work (apart from my ever looming thesis), free of assessment and tutorial forms, which have to be the bane of my life, and onwards to planning my strategy for fashion domination. Jokes. But seriously this summer is all about planning for the future and hopefully becoming one step closer to my dream career.

I'm sleepy though today, and after a long day of editing I suddenly remembered a fashion film I had seen a while back. I loved it immediately, but today it seems to sum my feelings up entirely. Directed by one of my favourite photographers, Beau Grealy, it tentatively encapsulates a dreamy afternoon on a lazy summers day. There is something quite sad and wistful about this film however, which only lends to its mysteriousness. Pure bliss.

Afternoon Sister from TEST on Vimeo.

Director:Beau Grealy

Models:Donna and Rosie @ DNA
Stylist: Sarah Cobb
Make Up: Stevie Huynh
Hair: Shin Arima
Producer: Nikki Stromberg
Photographic Assistants: David Engelhardt and Shaun Hartas
Cut and Graded by Swell

Music: The Gentlemen of NUCO performing an original arrangement of Radiohead’s “Nude

TEST 2010

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