Wednesday, 21 September 2011


PPQ S/S 2012- Invited by my good friend/ extremely talented PR DJ man Mr Ronnie Joice. The one who chose NOT to go to the Cavalli party because he deemed sleep too valueable. 


Somerset house played host to this season’s show. Ronnie led the way, sweeping past the long line of people scrambling to get in, stopping every few feet to greet one of his many acquaintances. As soon as we arrived we were ushered in and onto the front row. Only the best for Mr Joice. A flurry of hosts bustled around, attempting to ensure each celebrity was well looked after/ their presence documented from every angle. Among the famous were Peaches Geldolff and Pandemonia, the 7ft latex wonder.

Pre-show mayhem

Ronnie Joice and Babyshamble's lovely Adam Ficek

Ronnie slyly swallowing some vitamin water and Adam looking generally bewildered..

The fury of the photographers flash was unstoppable as more and more celebrities poured in to take their place. Lights went down, the beat kicked in- out walked PPQ’s spring summer ‘12 collection.
A haze of candy coloured clad models strutted their stuff in front of us: a mesmerizing blur of pastel, prints and quirky detail. Buttoned-up dresses and structured lingerie-esque tops amounted to an adorably lush collection. The aspect of PPQ’S clothing I love the most is that it’s totally wearable yet attains a solid portion of attitude. The PPQ girl is one with an edge and plenty of humour.

The collection was adorned in bling, PPQ embroidery, patchwork and print topped off with bold shoes by Michael Lewis. The offbeat jeans were a collaboration between PPQ and Lee Jeans and their gorgeously dramatic tights a collaboration between luxury hosiery label Bebaroque. PPQ’s notorious humour closed the show with their zorro style masks and hats. Next couture costume perhaps?

The show was more of a fashion party, one that continued far into the night.

  Ronnie Joice DJ’d at the Mayfair after party, ripping some classic tunes whilst a blur of fur and silk clad guests danced their way across the floor. I of course made myself useful by making sure everyone was well watered, occasionally providing some tasteful dancing next to the decks.

Dance floor at the Mayfair


 After Ronnie was done we headed up to the penthouse for the more exclusive private party. Pentax had set up a picture parlor in the corner and guests milled around glamorously in variations of the Zorro masks seen in the PPQ show. I donned my favourite and headed straight to the booth...

Photograph by Pentax

Me and my friend Darius. Photograph by Pentax.

Peaches and Pandemonia. Photograph by Pentax.
Ronnie Photograph by Pentax

 The booze inevitably ran low so we all headed to the apparently natural next location: Playboy. Sipping on some Hoxton Gin and greeted by the lovely Salvatore Calabrese, we met up with the rest of our crew. The Hoxton Gin was, naturally, quickly drained. Next stop: the After After Party, Whisky Mist...

Now the rest of that night, filled with questionable dancing and various famous faces, is under wraps. Got to have a bit of secrecy now don’t I?

Thank you so much again to the lovely Ronnie for inviting me, may your tunes never clear a dance floor.

All photographs featured above, unless otherwise stated, by me.


  1. Some great photos - how are you? have you graduated ?

  2. Hi there! Sorry for the late reply been so crazy busy with work! I'm still at Uni, in my final year now and working as a freelance creative assistant at Passion Pictures. How are you?