Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Emmmm sooo when did River Island get good?! Was it hibernating over winter waiting to explode onto the scene in spring 2012?! THANKFULLY something to rescue me from the dredge that has become topshop (I love you really) and the dreary-hipster-sludge colours of Urban Outfitters where the stock only seems to change twice a year. SERIOUSLY make more clothes!! You want me to spend my money or not?!

Anyway check out the new collection, a bold mix of clashing vivid floral prints. Be careful though it's all about successfully carrying off tacky-sheek, one nudge too far and you're going to end up looking like a road accident between RiRi and the cast of TOWIE.  Just remember to look in the mirror and ask yourself one question. WWCD. What Would a Chav Do?  If the answer is yes, yes they would strut their lambrini drinking stuff in this wonderful acid trip of an outfit, please dear god remove something or cover yourself up and take a moment to question your life.

Yours Sincerly,

The well being of sight everywhere.

Anyone else think that this piece by Jeff Koons seems to perfectly summarize this s/s 12 trends?
If I could dress up as a giant inflatable turtle, I would.
Preferably with those hotpants.

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