Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Beautifully Ugly Micro Trends

- The new must have nail polish colour that's been featured on all the catwalks.

Just got myself the Nails Inc version Jermyn Street, probably the closest match there is. Attempted to scour the cheaper alternatives before hand, but no such luck. Barry M you've failed me..

CLOGS Alex Chung stomping her stuff in the new must have shoe- clogs

Never thought I would see the day, but somehow I have become strangely obsessed with these cute little ugly gems. Seems to me I have found myself a new infatuation with clumpy, solid shoes... my goodness I'm starting to sound like my mum, raving about the values of sensible shoes... she has a point though, clumpy has made a comeback. However lets not reach for those birkenstocks just yet, take a look at these versions instead...

REAL elephant- Chanel Clogs

Stuffed elephant- Urban Outfitters have done the
impossible- made clogs sexy. Absolutely love these, these are the newest addition to my wardrobe, just debating on whether I can wear them to a job interview...

They are THE way to make an entrance...just not a quiet one

MESSY DOUGHNUT BUNS Lanvin Spring/Summer 2010

A look I am failing to work, I just can't understand how they do it, however once I do I will share tactics, until then lets gaze at these gorgeous pics.. Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2010
Lanvin Spring/Summer 2010

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