Saturday, 7 August 2010

Forget Me Not

Aptly Named Forget Me Not is a new collection of 'Art Mode' Scarves by designer Coco(Illustrator for people such as Vogue, Nylon and Elle).

I love scarves. They are an instant way to transform and lift an outfit. But as easy as they are to change an outfit, they are equally easy to lose. The number of times one has unwrapped itself from around my neck and floated away into the distant is immeasurable. Especially silk ones. Thei
r crafty lightness mean by the time you've realised they made a bid for freedom, you're long gone from their point of abandonment.
.....Anyway, my point is, there is no way you'll want to forget these babies. Covered in brightly coloured digital prints, they are a feast for the eyes. Each hand coloured silk scarf is a limited print.
Available from luxury shops around the globe including Barneys (USA), Ballet (Hong Kong) Cochinechine (London) , Colette (Paris), Club designer (Taiwan), Harvey Nichols (Dubai), HP France (Japan) and Tea Rose (Italy )

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