Friday, 6 August 2010


Above, me at the legendary collo-silly-um

Back from my surreal travels and back into the land of work. Had trouble adjusting to reality again, but apart from that I'm back and all over this blogging business.

Part of my travels included journeying into the bizarre world of The Secret Garden Party. This amazing music festival is home to some of the most trippy events you're likely to ever encounter. There are oddities lurking around every corner. From bands playing suspended from trees, to a conspiracy camps and an s&m tent. There really was every peculiar affair imaginable. My favourite had to be the giant-airship-time-machine-blimp floating in the middle of a lake. Home to some of the most epic parties, you could get a boat out there and dance all day and all night. Another favourite were the Bearded kittens, blaring out beats in the collo-silly-um until the early morning.

On the Great Stage incredible acts such as
Marina and the Diamonds and The Gorillaz played spectacular sets. The Gorrilaz were amazing- playing until the climax of the festival when The Blimp errupted in flames, fireworks exploded, fire dancers blared and hundreds of lanterns were sent out into the night sky. It was truly magical... seriously there were tears. Marina and the Diamonds

The legendary blimp

To top it all of course were the fantastic costumes and festival goers' unique fashion. The one vital thing any potential festival goer should bring are a vast array of costumes. Every night, actually scrap that, all the time every day, you are likely to bump into a range of moustache wearing rabbits, 18th century gentlemen and hippy pirate-monkeys.

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