Monday, 9 August 2010

Paolo Roversi

Below: Vogue Sept 2010

Established photographer Paolo Roversi continued to wow me with his new editorial in the September issue of Vogue. This epic tribal-new rave warrior-woman shoot reminded me just how much I love this photographer. Absolutely fantastic choice for Vogue's September issue.

This Italian photographer is known for his love of using 8 by 10 inch Polaroids. His photographs seem delicate yet intense. They appear to capture an ethereal quality, capturing fleeting subtle expressions.

Below: Another Magazine s/s 08


  1. That first picture is so beautiful. It's almost sad, but still very pretty.


  2. It is extremely beautiful isn't it? You're right it is quite sad as well. The photograph was actually featured in this month's (October) Vogue about faces that define our time! Weird!