Monday, 19 April 2010


Yesterday I met my friend for brunch, and we decided to try out Boundary in East London. It was a gorgeously sunny day with the temperature floating around 17 degrees. It seemed incredible that it was that warm, especially considering I was stranded just a couple of weeks ago due to snow. But finally it was time to say goodbye to my black tights (at least for now) and prance around in the sun for a while. We decided to check out this rooftop restaurant that lingered near Shoreditch House. The 360 degree view of London combined with the achingly cool decor made it utterly spectacular. I might as well have been in Spain, lounging around on the deck chairs soaking up the sun. The whole experience seemed rather exclusive, with everyone there draped in the most sophisticated designer clothes and latest accessories.
It was amazing, all except the food that is. I decided to order what I thought was an artichoke salad but ended up being, well, just an artichoke, which I then spent 30 inelegant minutes trying to dismember. Meanwhile my friend gazed blankly at his lobster that appeared to only have half a body. Apart from that though the drinks and chips were lovely and I can't wait to go back. I could definitely get used to this life... Just need to finish uni and land an amazing job... one day, one day.

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