Friday, 30 April 2010

New Look Press Preview AW 10

The other day I was fortunate enough to be asked to preview New Looks AW 2010 collection. So I headed along to have a sneaky peak at what's going to be hitting the shops later this year.

This is the first event I was lucky enough to be asked to and I couldn't wait to check out all the gorgeous new clothes. To be honest I haven't really shopped at New Look since I moved to London but I do love their shoe range. I have a massive weakness for shoes. Luckily this little indulgence is made far easier on the wallet by their affordable range.

Lace up boots continue to make an appearance from last year through to Autumn Winter. New Look have an amazing range of these faux suede lace up boots. I can't wait to get a hands on a pair! (I seem to be grinding my current pair down into a mess of mangled leather and rubber). I used to love their shoes then they seemed to go through a bit of a dry spell with their designs, but it looks like they are back on track for AW 10.

However what I did think was a bit odd was that some of their shoes bore a striking to a pair of my own. I bought them in January from Urban Outfitters. Now, I have become weirdly loyal to this shoe range they sell at Urban, I love them. They are unique. So it was strangely annoying that I saw an almost identical pair. I don't really know what to make of this, maybe they have a similar supplier/ designer?
Above my 'crepe high heeled hiking boots' from Urban Outfitters.
The collection flows around soft pastels, with a decidedly snowy feel. Embellishment is back, but this time covers the pale pastel shades instead of the harsh blacks of the previous year.

This cute faux sheepskin jacket caught my eye, I've wanted one for forever. Last winter however there wasn't much on the highstreet. (Got my hands on one eventually from Uniqlo. Warmest. Thing. Ever.)

I particularly loved their underwear collection, the lush combination of velvet and lace looked gorgeous. The blue powder velvet piece above has to be my favorite from the collection.The accessories were incredibly cute, with silk flowers and velvet bags. Overall I was actually really pleasantly surprised with the collection, the mix of velvet, silk and faux sheepskin created a luxurious fresh feel to the New Look AW.

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  1. i'm rather enjoy the selection of boots you've posted!